NFN membership policy is aimed at improving the club. It also ensures that the club and new members are good fits and club functions are secure.

If you would like to start the process of learning about our club please go to the CONTACT page.    A Board member will contact you and discuss any questions you might have about membership. 

Meet & Greet is a clothed event at a local establishment open to the public by invitation only. 

It is a time to meet our membership and to learn more about our organization. 

Would you like to attend?  Please let us know by going to the Contact Us Page.

If you have enjoyed the Meet & Greet and you are interested in joining NFN, there will be a one time $25.00 application fee.


Membership Dues

Annual NFN Membership Dues:       Singles  $30.00   Couples $60.00 

Annual AANR/AANR Florida Dues:  Singles  $38.00     Couples $68.50 

Total Annual Membership Dues for Single:      $68.00    (+$25* = $68.00)
Total Annual Membership Dues for Couples:  $128.50   (+$25* = $128.50)

 * $25.00 is the one time application fee.