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Code of Ethics (Club Policy) 

Purpose of the Club – NFN was founded in 1988 as an affiliate of the American Association for Nude Recreation (formerly the American Sunbathing Association) to express our belief in the unimpeded right to practice Social Family Nudism. Non-compliance with the Club Bylaws or Code of Ethics can result in a suspension of membership or revocation of membership at the discretion of the Board of Directors. In cases of any violation of the laws of the land, law enforcement authorities may be contacted. 


2. While the purpose of some organizations is to offer recreational sex, NFN does not. We do acknowledge sexuality as being healthy, but we do not believe that club functions are a proper environment for this activity. No public or open sexual conduct, or lewd behavior will be tolerated. Hugs between friends are fine. 

3. No vulgarity or profane language as is objected to in common practice will be tolerated. Remember, some members have young children, and most adults don’t care to hear bad language either. 

4. The use of non-prescription drugs or controlled substances will not be tolerated. This rule shall also extend to the overt use of prescription drugs if behavior problems should develop as a result thereof. 

5. Excessive drunkenness will not be tolerated. We may drink only as long as we can behave ourselves. 

6. Smoking is permitted at outside functions at the discretion of the host/hostess. Meeting held inside are smoke-free 

7. Aggravated, demeaning, hostile or overtly aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. No wrestling, fighting, or rude behavior is allowed. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Nudists come from all walks of life and are the most open-minded people. Racial, ethnic, or sexist slurs and/or harassment will not be tolerated. 

8. Photographs, videos, or audio recordings are prohibited at all NFN functions. Secretly taking photographs will not be tolerated; we WILL confiscate the film, the camera, and/or memory cards. Digital memory cards and cameras will be erased prior to returning the property to the owner. Not everyone is comfortable being photographed nude, especially “first timers.” First time violators will be given a warning and asked to leave the event. An additional violation will result in membership revocation.

 9. Last names and business numbers should be considered private. The use of selling of club membership or mailing lists will not be tolerated. Although the issue is being addressed by AANR, there is still a problem in the nudist community with prejudice. 

10. Guests who behave themselves are welcome/subject to the approval by the host. Members inviting guest(s) are responsible in all ways for their guests. Be sure they know the rules as well as the etiquette, so they won’t be embarrassed. They (and we) will feel more comfortable if they understand the basics (eye contact, sit on your own towel, obey host rules, etc.) Remember, they probably don’t quite know what to expect despite all the times your told them how great nudist are. 

11. All events and activities are to be nude otherwise specified. 

12. The carrying of guns, knives or any overtly or potentially dangerous item will not be tolerated. Permitted defensive weapons are well and good, but that permit will not bring back a lost friend should there be an accident. Please leave them behind or locked in your vehicle; we are a peaceful bunch. 

13. Needless to say, theft or use of others’ personal items without permission will not be tolerated. 

14. Our host and hostesses shall have the right to outline their own house rules. They are to be obeyed to the letter. This shall extend to the rules and/or policies of clubs whose grounds or meetings we may visit. 

15. For hygienic reasons, when nude sit on your own towel or personal piece of clothing. If you have come away without yours (this does happen occasionally since we are all human), ask the host/hostess if you may borrow one for the evening. 

16. Members are responsible for their own financial obligations to NFN, FANR, and AARN, or other Clubs and to each other. Please do not expect the Board to attend to any of these matters for you. 

17. The NFN, its members and/or host(s) shall not be responsible or liable for any injury or accidents at club functions. 

18. We strive for an “au natural” atmosphere so be yourself and have fun. These rules are not restrictive, just comprehensive. You can believe that this group has plenty of fun within these guidelines.


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A not for profit organization with elected officers and a board of directors. A non-landed travel club founded in 1988. An affiliate of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and the American Association for Nude Recreation - Florida (formerly FANR). 

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