Who Are We

What we Beileve



Founded in 1988
An affiliate of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR)
and the American Association for Nude Recreation - Florida Region (AANR Florida) 

NFN is a social family nudist club that was formed in 1988. The club was started by a few people and has now grown into an incorporated club with over 100 members from all walks of life.

We are a non-landed, travel club, we meet at members' homes and visit landed clubs.

A not for profit organization with elected officers and a board of directors

NFN is open to families and couples. 

We strive to maintain a membership balance of males and females.  All ages are welcome.  We have members aged from 5 to 75. 

As an NFN member you will have many opportunities to enjoy the company of new friends and nude recreation. If you are able to sponsor meetings and/or socials in your home, that is wonderful, but being unable to do so will not keep you out.

We prefer that potential members contact our Membership Committee via email at info@NFNaturist.org, so that we can begin the "orientation" process.  We'll invite you to our monthly Sipper in a "textiled" environment, an area restaurant.  We can meet you, and you can meet us.  If you and your partner are both nudists, and are interested in joining us, we'll invite you to one of our club functions, probably at an area nudist resort, or at a member's home.  If you're both not nudists, we'll take some time to help you to understand what the nudist lifestyle is about, and if you're still interested and feel comfortable with the lifestyle, we'll invite you to a function.

Remember, we were all "newbie nudies" at one time, so we do all we can to make you feel comfortable.  There are NEVER any cameras allowed at a club function.